LUVGYPSY | Terms and Conditions

Please read following terms and conditions carefully before using the web site. By continuingly using, you agree to the terms and condition of web site.


1. Terms of use

Welcome to LuvGypsy Web site (“Website”). Please review the Terms and Conditions that govern your usage of our site (“Term of Use”). Your continued use of the website confirms your unconditional acceptance of the following terms and conditions.


2. Products, Content and Specifications

Please be aware that all aspects, content, descriptions, prices of products and services are subject to change at any time without notice. All descriptions (weights and measures) are approximate and are provided for assistance.


3. Color

We have done the best of our ability to provide an accurate display of our products that are presented on our web site. Please take account of the differences in portrayal of the items on the web site, since the color of our products may vary due to your monitor. We cannot guarantee that your monitor displays the same coloring as our monitors and from the actual product itself.


4. Comments, feedback and other submissions

We welcome your feedback and comments regarding our Web site, our products, and our services. You can visit our Facebook Page for more updates and information.


5. Monitoring

We have the right to monitor the content of our Website, including e-mail. We shall have the right to remove any material that we (LuvGypsy) in its sole discretion find to be abusive or harmful to any parties.

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